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During an internet session I found a little Javascript application called "timeline". I was interested, how the developer coded this with Javascript and I thought I can use this tiny application on my homepage. So I build this "small timeline" about the FIFA world cup soccer in Germany in the year 2006. When you put the mouse on the timeline, you can change the date with moving your mouse horizontally while holding the left mouse key. When you klick on a event, a small window will appear, in which you can get addional information about the event. The language in this timeline is german, because it's only an example and it tooks me some time to generate the XML-file in german. Thats the reason, I didn't translate it in english.

Works fine, or ?

The basic idea and the script can be found at the MIT at Because there is a good tutorial and I only change some minor things (script outside the html-page, some icons etc. ), I provide no explanation how it works. Have fun with this and use it on your homepage, because it's free and only under BSD license.

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